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7 reasons why the cloud is an ideal tool for software houses
Posted by on 13.01.2014 14:34

The programmer should concentrate on the code. It's an old truth, but is it actually that simple, so that you can always focus on finding the best algorithm for solving a given problem? Maybe sometimes you have to fight with the runtime environment, install the libraries or system images and at the end, it turned out that the server is too weak. Those days are over. Today software houses can enjoy Oktawave, Polish cloud computing technology, in which you run applications in such a way, just as it should always be.

Polish cloud was created - among others - for programmers, developer work groups and software houses, that would like to get a powerful runtime environment, without having to focus their attention on it. Below are seven reasons why the cloud is the solution so favorable to the developers.


1. Run when you want it

In Oktawave any number of servers of selected parameters (available up to 8 types of machines, varied in terms of the number of processors and RAM) can be run when the need arises. Just log in to the control panel, select the type of machine and what it is supposed to be running, give the number of servers and click start. 120 seconds later and your servers are ready to go.

At this point, we begin to charge a fee for it. Every hour we check your consumption of resources and every hour will be charged the appropriate fee. If at any time, you decide to turn off the machinery, you stop to pay for it.

This way you can quickly gain an infrastructure for your project, but it has one very important advantage. Imagine that you need 150 servers to test your application. Where to get them? Just run them in the cloud, use as much as you need to take care of the tests and then turn them off, or even remove. You only pay for the time of their real work.


2. Use ready-made environments. Create your own

Cloud allows you to use ready-made environments that can be run to create the server for you. Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, PHP, Python, Ruby and many more - in Oktawave you will get all this, configured to run your application. If you have specific requirements, you can adjust each machine as you like, because you have full root control.

What's more, if you have a favorite and tailor-made runtime environment it can be saved to our storage and that will allow you to run a new preconfigured machines with your own environment. We do not have to underline, how much time you will save in this way.


3. Rule and control

In Oktawave you get control panel and with it you can do what you want with your servers. For example you can clone them, backup, group them in containers or plan for them various actions.

For programmers particularly useful feature is snapshot - which records the changes made to the storage of all hard drives plugged into the server. This means that any operation on the machine after creating the snapshot is simultaneously stored in the memory. To return to the previous state of the machine, simply check the appropriate snapshot and press the Restore button to restore state of the instance before creation of the snapshot. This feature allows you to include quick recovery of data in case of disk write error, file corruption or failure of the program.


4. Try out our API

Oktawave API is an interface layer that allows all customers to manage their own services using external tools. It also allows partner application developers to connection to the Oktawave and create your own access program.

From the application that uses the Oktawave API you can perform all the operations that are possible in the Oktawave system within the customer's account (the end user) and partner (i.e. the administrative team).


5. The fastest storage in the world? By all means!

One of the main Oktawave advantages is storage. Yes, it can read and write data at speeds up to 200 000 IOPS. We don't have to remind how important it is in the case of database applications that need to quickly provide information to processors. Very often, in case of slow data storage systems the CPU is simply bored, because the drive is not able to provide them with sufficiently large amount of information.

Oktawave cloud changes it - some of the largest big data systems in Poland are now running in it. Just for the sake of unprecedented storage performance that you also can have at your disposal.


6. Hire Autoscaler

Autoscaler is Oktawave mechanism, which is continually analyzing how your application uses resources. If Autoscaler finds that your server won't withstand the load, class of the machines will be changed and your application will automatically get more RAM and CPU. Not bad, right?

But that's not all. In situation where your application will consume the most powerful server resources (currently 64 GB RAM, 16 vCPU x 2.5 Ghz), Autoscaler will clone the machines for you and enable load balancing for them.

Moreover, it works both ways. If Autoscaler sees that your machines are bored, it will reduce the machines parameters to the proper level. Everything is done to:

  • on the one hand to ensure 100% availability of applications,
  • on the other, to minimize costs.


7. It is quite important: monitor your application

Last but not least, in Oktawave you have at your disposal LiveView panel, in which you can analyze the status of your infrastructure in real-time, but also we gave into the hands of developers Watch service that allows you to monitor the status of your application. This is a very useful tool, especially if we are dealing with critical business applications.

Finally, we would just like to encourage you to test the solution. Now anyone who creates new account in Oktawave, gets 25 zł for start to test the service. Just visit and register. You'll see that this is the solution for you - the programmer.

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