We're cutting prices!
Posted by Piotr Malendo on 11.10.2016 14:29

On 1 September 2016, we radically reduced the price of the v1.standard-1.05 | 1 VCPU, 0.5 GB RAM instance. This means that with Oktawave, you'll get the best price for a cloud server, as well as the lowest monthly fee.

Compare our offering to the competition:

  • AWS 1 vCPU 0.5 GB RAM – 3.67 EUR/month
  • AZURE 1 vCPU 0.75 GB RAM – 10.40 EUR/month
  • Oktawave 1 vCPU 0.5 GB RAM – 2.59 EUR/month

The new rate, at 0.00358 EUR/1 h, reduces the current price by over 70%, so in a month that has 30 days, the cost will amount to 2.592 EUR/month (tax excl.)

More detailed information is provided by the Customer Service team, and the currently applicable rates are indicated in the price list.