Security guaranteed: Oktawave is the first cloud provider with the CSA STAR certification in the field of data protection
Posted by Marketing Department on 20.12.2016 13:51

Oktawave is the first Polish cloud provider to be certified with the STAR in terms of data security in cloud and perfecting the ISO/IEC 27001 norm. This is another distinction that proves how great care a company pays to customers needs and to protect their data.

One of the advantages of cloud computing, which translates directly into business, is profitability achieved through access to innovative technologies and savings in IT, ranging up to 14%. The greater the trust in cloud computing, the more entities decide to apply such solution. Hence, especially in Poland, safety and security, that are guaranteed only by independable supplier, are so crucial for the development of the cloud services market.

Full readiness means people and hardware

In terms of trust, market expectations are clear. As many as 64% of organizations believe that a cloud services supplier is responsible to protect data. A provider informs customer, where the data is processed (location of servers), as well as how the data is protected. This means that the role of suppliers is to ensure its proper protection against the risk of theft, interception or loss.

Ensuring the safety at the highest level requires much more effort than merely comply with regulations. The full readiness is associated with:

  • implementation of a security policy,
  • regular procedures of detailed verification,
  • fulfillment of the particular requirements formulated in frame of industry standards.

"We are pleased that companies that apply for the certification, approach so maturely to compliance with the best practices, deciding on the involvement of all employees" - said Joanna BaƄkowska, Managing Director of BSI Group Poland - "From the point of view of domestic enterprises it is important that Oktawave, the cloud provider registered in Poland, earned the STAR certificate as the first in our country. Organizations are increasingly willing to consider the introduction of the cloud, and the knowledge of how data is protected, is a key prerequisite condition of the migration".

What specific advantages the STAR certificate means?

Granting of the ISO/IEC 27001 - the international standard for information security management - allows organizations to join the STAR certification process. The CSA STAR stands for extension of ISO, but its is precisely focused on data security in the cloud.

The STAR can be obtained through in-depth assessment of the 11 control areas based on performance criteria.. Such benchmark includes, among others: know-how of the company, fulfilment of the implemented policy, and the adopted strategy. Each of these areas gives an overall assessment of the maturity of the entire system in terms of organization security.

"The most gratifying is that the STAR certificate provides further evidence that native solutions offer advanced security level confirmed by an independent institution. We treat the STAR certificate as a reward, and also as an advantage and credibility of our competences"- said Jan Lekszycki, VP Sales and Strategic Alliances in Oktawave.

Increased security and rapid availability of resources - these are the key parameters to be taken into consideration, especially for companies implementing projects for public administration, where stability and data security are of the utmost importance. decided to satisfy these needs in the Polish cloud. The company decided to develop projects addressed at public administration such as EBO365 (Electronic Office for Citizens, which enables settling official issues via electronic channels), SOD365 (innovative and easy-to-use Document Circulation System with integration with ePUAP) and E-Archive (electronic document management system for offices and public institutions) in the Oktawave cloud.

“After migration to Oktawave we are device - independent , so that we could focus on the development of the SkyCMS, which is our own system, and also on new products launch and services. Needed resources are available at hand for both development and test and for the purpose of providing new services" - summarizes the migration Katarzyna Kowalska, Marketing Manager,

Ensuring the data security of customers is considered as a strategic element of Oktawave policy and customer trust is seen as a critical component of business protection and guarantee of brand reputation.

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